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Another licence for viewing database programs DBL, DBM, DBS for another user.

Each purchased database programs DBS, DBL or DBM already contain one licence of DBV Database Viewer.

Program runs only with purchased licence code. 

DBV Database Viewer enables among others:

  • To select any channel of any COMET device and any time interval for analysis.
  • To present data in table and graph - known formats similar to table and graph in optional MS logger program. Presented are analog values, binary states, alarm states, channels named by the user etc.
  • To print and export to file of both table and graph. Export is enabled to DBF file or TXT file - for work in MS Excel.
  • To save sets of selected channels. This simplifies work with viewer with repeated requests.

Example: User frequently analyzes data from temperature and humidity channels from three data loggers. So user saves selected channels to set “temperature and humidity“. In the next comeback to this analysis user only uses proper set and selects time interval.

Demostration video

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  • Warranty
    3 years
  • On request