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Adapter for external supply of IoT sensor with radio output to Sigfox network

The SP014 adapter is designed to be used as an accessory for battery powered transducer with radio output to Sigfox net (Wx8xx series).

When installed in place of an existing battery, the transducer will be extended with an external power input. The transducer can then be powered from a 5V DC power adapter, an external large capacity battery, or a suitable solar battery system with a backup battery. The transducer with mounted adapter is designed for indoor or covered environment.

Adapter can be used for models W0810, W0811, W0832, W0850, W3810, W3811, W7810

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  • $60

Technical data

Input voltage 3.6 V to 14.5 V DC (5 V by default)
Output voltage 3.6 V DC
Continuous output current max. 1 mA at supply 14.5 V
max. 7 mA at supply 5 V
Peak output current max. 150 mA
Output current limitation cca 300 mA
Continuous power dissipation max. 10 mW
Own consumption at 20 μA 3 μA at supply > 3.6 V
25 μA at supply < 3.6 V (eg a discharged external battery)
Wx8xx transducer start delay max. 10 s after power supply connection
Short circuit protection of output yes
Thermal overload protection yes
Reverse polarity protection no
Power connector coaxial 2.1 x 5.5 mm socket at cable approx. 20 cm long
IP protection IP65, power connector IP20
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C (the supply cable must be secured against movement at an ambient temperature below 0 °C)
Maximum supply cable length max. 10 m